2021 As We Are Award Winners

The biggest of congratulations to all of the 239 participating artists of the 2021 As We Are Art Award and a special mention to our Award winners:


  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award – Darryl Dempster “Djiripin Djarima (Happy Forest)”
  • Contemporary Art Award – Martin Cahill “Ladies on the beach”
  • David Guhl Award for Artistic Excellence – Jane Ibbitson “Red Tail Cockatoo in Reds”
  • Patti Ferber Creative Development Award – Greg Barr “Dad’s, The Old Man”
  • Regional Art Award – Mason Levy “Fun Times with Friends”
  • Rosalind Lewis Art Award – Tim Maley “Animals in the River
  • Stephen Delower Memorial 3-D Award – Chrissie Terpos “Bruce”
  • People’s Choice Award – Sam Clarke “Contemplate”

Our judges also awarded ten Certificates of High Commendation to (in no particular order): Merit Awards

  • Loanna Brophy “Cats in a Pet Shop”
  • Suzie Endersbee “Portrait of Myself”
  • Christopher Hummel “Graffiti on a Merseyrail train in Liverpool”
  • Anna Marmura “Underwater World Podwodnny ?wiat”
  • Clive Collender “Animal”
  • Maddi Miller “Untitled”
  • Margaret Reiman “Deck of Cards”
  • Mandy White “Self Portrait”
  • Michelle Maliepaard “Pilbara Coast”
  • Tom Linden-Wood “The Mysterious Composing Orchid”