wholeheARTed Exhibition

As We Are recently hosted a second annual exhibition ‘wholeheARTed’ at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Art Gallery. This inspiring exhibition featured artworks from 24 Western Australian artists including the award winners, judges’ high commendation recipients and outstanding entrants of the 2014 As We Are Art Award:

Jackie Anderson   *   Greg Barr   *   Paul Caine   *   Mathew Clark   *   Vicki-Lee Devenish   *   Franco Fogliani   *   Michael Frith   *   David Guhl   *   James Hunt   *    Rebecca Johnston   *   Brendan Kelly   *   Timothy Maley   *   Brooke Mathew   *   Janine Noonan   *   Chris Reynolds   *   Rob Rolt   *   Joy Tomlinson   *    Hannah Valenti   *   Sandra Vantilborg   *   John Verjans   *   Warren Wells   *   Amanda White   *   Catherine White   *   John Zino


The exhibition ran for five weeks from the 31 March to 3 May 2015, and included a diverse array of artworks including ceramics, paintings, drawings, textiles and photography.  Artists’ took inspiration from a range of things, including wildlife, architecture, local Western Australian and alien environments and personal experiences, such as attending thee Royal Show and the Australia Day fireworks.

The exhibition was opened on 30 March by Andrea Mitchell MLA, with Dr Andrew Gardner from Charlie’s the Master of Ceremonies.  A selection of sweet tunes was provided by a fantastic band led by participating artist and keyboardist Chris Reynolds, and joined by fellow artists and musician Greg Barr on the didgeridoo.

13 of the 24 artworks were sold, 12 of these of the opening night.  Artist Rebecca Johnston also took a number of orders for her famous coloured ceramic dog, Pipa.

An exhibition catalogue accompanied the exhibition, featuring an image and short description of all the artworks. To download a copy of the exhibition catalogue please click here.

As We Are also created gift cards featuring the artworks from the exhibition.  These can be purchased individually for $2.50 (plus 70c postage) or in packs of 5 for $10 (plus $1.40/pack postage).   All proceeds from the sale of the gift cards goes to As We Are to help raise funds to run exhibitions such as ‘wholheARTed’ and other relevant art & disability initiatives.  If you would like to purchase a pack of cards please contact the Coordinator on 0410 373 854 or

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As We Are would like to extend a big thank you to Joanna Wakefield, Curator of the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Art Gallery for this exhibition opportunity.  We look forward to another successful exhibition in 2016.