Create + Celebrate

In late 2017 the As We Are creative artists workshop series has popped-up with a pop-up in Victoria Park Central, wrapping up the Create + Celebrate project. The Create + Celebrate project has sought to provide inspired opportunities for people with an intellectual disability during the project through a two-sided approach. ‘Create’, a series of 3 different art skill development workshops; photography, animation and relief-printmaking and ‘Celebrate’, a public exhibition and event that showcases new skills and work to the wider community. The result, a contemporary exhibition accessible to new audiences and artists walking confident in their new skills and ready to learn more!

Create + Celebrate is a Community Arts Network Catalyst Arts Funded Project. For more information on Catalyst click here

Above, Top: David Brandstater and Arts Facilitator Catherine Peattie, viewing David’s print. Above, Middle: Giovina D’Alessandro, Grace Panaia and Arts Facilitator, Steven Aiton view Grace’s latest animation. Above: Arts Facilitator Garry Wilcox snaps Lynne Newport mid photo, all smiles in the photography workshop.