2017 As We Are Art Award Winners Announced!

Winners of the 2017 As We Are Art Award were recently announced at the exhibition opening.  For those that missed the opening night here they are:

Stephen Delower Memorial 3D Award: Rebecca Johnston, ‘Untitled’

David Guhl Award for Artistic Excellence: Anthony Stainisheff ‘Naked Boy Leading A Horse’

Tunbridge Contemporary Art Award: Greg Barr ‘The Big Friendly Giant’

Rosalind Lewis Award: Martin Cahill ‘Birds’

Merenda Gallery Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award: Gloria Kelly ‘Untitled’

Jabula Farm Regional Art Award: Aimee Dickson ‘Emu’

Victoria Park Centre for the Arts’ People’s Choice Award: Martin Cahill ‘Birds’


Our judges also awarded eleven Certificates of High Commendation to (in no particular order):

  • Paul Mitchell ‘Across the Bay Point Peron’
  • Geoff Taylor-Vernon ‘Untitled’
  • Carol Myers ‘ Abstract Fish’
  • Gavin McNamara ‘ Beach Walk’
  • Aaron Pei Pei ‘Maku and Camel’
  • Brent Stanley ‘Rainbow Tree’
  • Brian Livingstone ‘Birdhouse’
  • Clive Collender ‘7 Cape Court, Perth, Australia’
  • Sam Huntsman ‘Happy’
  • David Guhl ‘Arleen – Twisting Pathways, vibrant flowers and waterfalls’
  • Tom Linden-Wood ‘The Mysterious Stream’

Above: Aimee Dickson, Emu, 54 x 43cm, Mixed Media, 2017. Image: Mel Henderson