2013 Winners Announced!

Winners of the Act Belong Commit 2013 As We Are Art Award were recently announced at the exhibition opening.  For those that missed the opening night here they are:

Rosalind Lewis Award: Tamar Zuker ‘Embroidery Roses’

David Guhl Award for Artistic Excellence: Robbie Biocich ‘The Red Sea’

Stephen Delower Memorial 3D Award: Robert Herron ‘Ceramic Plate’

Aurenda Art Award: Roslyn Burns ‘Spring is Coming’

Nulsen Reconciliation Action Plan Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award: Gregory Barr ‘Lizards’

Betta Curtain’s People’s Choice Award: Amanda White ‘Woodarchie Dancing Totems’


Our judges also awarded ten Certificates of High Commendation to:

  • Mathew Clark ‘Up Up and Away’
  • Janine Egan ‘Island of Flowers’
  • Jonathan Flower ‘Tree of Life’
  • Rebecca Johnston ‘Red Dog’
  • John Larcombe ‘Secret Bay’
  • Adam MacKenzie ‘Tsunami’
  • Tim Maley ‘Tree Rat’
  • Daniel Marinvoch ‘Frogs Jumped on the Lily Pads’
  • Warren Wells ‘The Three Musketeers’
  • Trevor Wilson ‘My Friends a Monkey’


Above image: Tamar Zuker, ‘Embroidery Roses,’ French knitting and embroidery, 2013

(Photo: Allan Waller)