Empowering artists with intellectual disability

As We Are is an important Western Australian
community initiative that aims to bring joy and
wellbeing to the lives of artists with
intellectual disability.


As We Are Art Awards

Our annual state-wide exhibition and awards
program showcases the talents of WA artists
with intellectual disability.


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Create + Celebrate

In late 2017 the As We Are creative artists workshop series has popped-up with a pop-up in Victoria Park Central, wrapping up the Create + Celebrate project. The Create + Celebrate project has sought to provide inspired opportunities for people with an intellectual disability during the project through a two-sided approach. ‘Create’, a series of 3 different art skill development workshops; photography, animation and relief-printmaking and ‘Celebrate’, a public exhibition and event that showcases new skills and work to the wider community. The result, a contemporary exhibition accessible to new audiences and artists walking confident in their new skills and ready to learn more!

Create + Celebrate is a Community Arts Network Catalyst Arts Funded Project. For more information on Catalyst click here

Above, Top: David Brandstater and Arts Facilitator Catherine Peattie, viewing David’s print. Above, Middle: Giovina D’Alessandro, Grace Panaia and Arts Facilitator, Steven Aiton view Grace’s latest animation. Above: Arts Facilitator Garry Wilcox snaps Lynne Newport mid photo, all smiles in the photography workshop.