Empowering artists with intellectual disability

As We Are is an important Western Australian
community initiative that aims to bring joy and
wellbeing to the lives of artists with
intellectual disability.


As We Are Art Awards

Our annual state-wide exhibition and awards
program showcases the talents of WA artists
with intellectual disability.


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Winners Announced!

Winners of the 2012 Act Belong Commit 2012 As We Are Art Award were recently announced at the exhibition opening.

Rosalind Lewis Award: Mathew Clark, ‘Live Snow Dance

David Guhl Award for Artistic Excellence: Shelley Dixon, ‘Day Out

Stephen Delower Memorial 3D Award: Katrina Barber, ‘Butterfly

Aurenda Art Award: John Verjans, ‘Mystic Mountain

Nulsen Reconciliation Action Plan Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award: Amanda White, ‘Woodarchie Woobla

Betta Curtain’s People’s Choice Award (joint winners): Candice Raphael, ‘Crossroads’ and Clive Collender, ‘Animal’


Our judges also awarded ten Certificates of High Commendation to:

  • Greg Barr, ‘Maltesers
  • Gregory Brennan, ‘Birds on a Dusty Plain
  • Paul Caine, ‘The Ambassador
  • Clive Collender, ‘Animal
  • Mathew Dastlik, ‘Sunset Road
  • Wendy Knapp, ‘In the Company of Owls
  • Brendan Morris, ‘Bird, Bird, Bird
  • Sharon Sharp, ‘Irish Ink
  • Tony White, ‘Soft Monster
  • Chase Williams, ‘Wild and Free