Empowering artists with intellectual disability

As We Are is an important Western Australian
community initiative that aims to bring joy and
wellbeing to the lives of artists with
intellectual disability.


As We Are Art Awards

Our annual state-wide exhibition and awards
program showcases the talents of WA artists
with intellectual disability.


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2021 As We Are Award Winners

The biggest of congratulations to all of the 239 participating artists of the 2021 As We Are Art Award and a special mention to our Award winners:


  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award – Darryl Dempster “Djiripin Djarima (Happy Forest)”
  • Contemporary Art Award – Martin Cahill “Ladies on the beach”
  • David Guhl Award for Artistic Excellence – Jane Ibbitson “Red Tail Cockatoo in Reds”
  • Patti Ferber Creative Development Award – Greg Barr “Dad’s, The Old Man”
  • Regional Art Award – Mason Levy “Fun Times with Friends”
  • Rosalind Lewis Art Award – Tim Maley “Animals in the River
  • Stephen Delower Memorial 3-D Award – Chrissie Terpos “Bruce”
  • People’s Choice Award – Sam Clarke “Contemplate”

Our judges also awarded ten Certificates of High Commendation to (in no particular order): Merit Awards

  • Loanna Brophy “Cats in a Pet Shop”
  • Suzie Endersbee “Portrait of Myself”
  • Christopher Hummel “Graffiti on a Merseyrail train in Liverpool”
  • Anna Marmura “Underwater World Podwodnny ?wiat”
  • Clive Collender “Animal”
  • Maddi Miller “Untitled”
  • Margaret Reiman “Deck of Cards”
  • Mandy White “Self Portrait”
  • Michelle Maliepaard “Pilbara Coast”
  • Tom Linden-Wood “The Mysterious Composing Orchid”