Geoffrey Frederick Taylor Vernon Untitle detail Susie Waller

Geoffrey Frederick Taylor-Vernon, Untitled (detail), 2012, pencil and acrylic on paper

Photograph: Susie Waller

Our Goals

Art Exhibitions and Awards

To grow As We Are into a prestigious annual art award with lead up exhibitions and touring opportunities.


Provide opportunities for artists who have an intellectual disability to reach their creative and artistic potential.

Develop a range of As We Are related educational opportunities for artists who have an intellectual disability, disability organisations, staff, families and wider communities.

Marketing / Promotions

Explore and implement diverse strategies to market and promote As We Are opportunities and achievements across Western Australia and beyond.

Advocacy / Networking

Foster collaborative opportunities between communities, business and government to enable As We Are to achieve its vision.

Resources/ Management

Achieve economic security and develop effective management systems suitable for the ongoing of As We Are as a collaborative community venture.